How It Works

○ Choose Your Location

•Window    •Deck   •Fence   •Balcony   •Porch   •Patio etc

○ Choose Your Container

•Windowbox   •Freestanding Planter

○ Installation

•DIY   •Let us handle it

○ Choose Your Blooms

•DIY   •Let us Plant your seasonal blooms

○ Auto Drip Irrigation

*Save Plant*Save Time*Save Water*Save Worry*

Protect the investment you make in plants by adding our automatic drip irrigation. This allows the plants to distribute water in smaller increments throughout the day which allows your plants to absorb water at the optimal time allowing them to grow!

There is NO need to worry about watering every evening after a long day or  to worry about your plants while you are out of town because your plants are cared for automatically!

We guarantee our plants all season with drip irrigation!

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60in box pictured